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Mission Statement


LATTICE is a professional organization that promotes the common professional, personal and business interests of senior level women (VP and above) who are formerly and/or currently working as in-house counsel or business affairs executives working in a private or public-sector media, entertainment, or digital company through providing professional guidance, resources and networking opportunities.

LATTICE’S core operating values:

  • Help provide a forum that can assist women in-house lawyers and ex in-house lawyers who are now executives achieve their fullest professional potential.
  • Foster a sense of collegiality, cooperation, and an exchange of information among in-house women lawyers and ex in-house lawyers who are now executives.
  • Help advance in-house women lawyers to positions of seniority and influence or transition to the business side.
  • Promote diversity and inclusiveness within the in-house community as a whole.
  • Find concrete ways to serve as effective role-models to younger women in-house lawyers.